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Tracy hold a Master’s degree in Special Educational Needs (Roehampton University (London), Charles University (Prague) & Fontys University (Netherlands) and my research was on transition planning from school to work for secondary students with emotional and behavioral disorders. I also have a degree in Special Education from Flinders University Australia.

I have been working with children with special needs since 2004, having taught in an Early Intervention Centre in Petaling Jaya and thereafter at a Special School in Singapore. Besides the teaching experiences, I also have had opportunities assisting lecturer-researchers in conducting two educational research at National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU).

Message from the Centre Director:

Exceptional people require exceptional teaching. Not without persistence and faith. These pupils have taught me much that what others may learn and grow developmentally ‘naturally’, but theirs need to be broken down into small steps and they take much longer time to master certain skills. We ought to provide these pupils extra time, space and learning opportunities to learn these vital skills.

My hope and aspirations for the people with special needs is that there is a quality continuation of services from early childhood to primary to secondary to vocational and to employment for these people as to maximize their potential and to live a quality, meaningful and fruitful lives. It saddens me should they regress, after they have made progress and after much intervention provided at early years, as a result of lack of continuation of services at later stages of their lives.

To achieve meaningful and fruitful living, it requires exceptional ways for their exceptional journeys. But I believe it can be done when people like us - educators, therapists, parents and community work collaboratively with the people with special needs.

For His Service,
Tracy Tai


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