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Special Education Programme

At Chrysalis, our core special educational programme builds around a holistic special education framework and the schemes of work that are engaging and stimulating. The programme aims to help and train our pupils in the following, but not limited to:

• academic skill according to their Individual Education Plan (IEP)
• speech, language and communication skills
• independent learning skill
• sensory integration

We provide IEPs and Progress Reports half-yearly so as to monitor the child’s learning and developmental progress. Our teaching & learning is fun and stimulating in order to engage our pupils to learn and, most importantly, to enjoy learning.

Our curriculum consists of Literacy (English & Malay), Numeracy, Gross & Fine Motor, Music, Social & Play, Art & Craft, Housecraft and Independent Work System.

Intervention programmes e.g. Structured Teaching/TEACCH and Positive Behavior Support (PBS) are the two methods we use in our classrooms. Our curriculum caters to meet individual needs with an emphasis on the child’s strengths and educational & character development in order to maximize his/her potential.

Homeschool Programme (Grade 1-10)

Here we provide academic track for students who show readiness and maturity to embark into a more formal education journey, starting from Grade 1 to Grade 10, leading to IGCSE*.  We strongly believe that life skills are vital and must be embedded in our curriculum, as in line with our philosophy of holistic education. Hence, our homeschool alternative programme covers an in-depth curriculum including academic subjects, character development, working memory training, social and communication skills, digital and IT skills, creative art, cookery and citizenship education and community engagement.

  1. Self-Paced System
  2. Holistic Curriculum
  3. Virtual Classes
  4. International & IGCSE Curriculum (Grade 1 – 10)
  5. Classroom support for specific learning difficulties (e.g ADHD, attention deficit, dyslexia)
  6. Small class size (approx. ratio 1 : 6)

  1. To provide holistic education to all, regardless of the child’s learning difficulties
  2. To enable the child to be progressively educated
  3. To train the child to be a socially & morally responsible and contributing citizen

School Terms, following the government school holiday

Weekday class from Monday to Friday :

o          Full-day :  9.00 am to 3.30 pm                        

o          Half-day : 9.00 am to 1.00 pm

Lunch can be provided. Transportation can be provided based on case-by-case basis.

EIP Group/Individual Class (Preschoolers)

Our Early Intervention Programme (EIP) is catered for preschools , up to age 7. This programme can be conducted in different settings based on the needs of the child, whether in small group of 6 students, paired group or one-to-one setting.  A good early intervention programme should be progressive, flexible and attentive in meeting the child’s growing needs. For our in-house EIP students, they have the options to include OT and Speech Social skill as part of the EIP class.

Morning session and afternoon session are available.

Dyslexia Remedial Programme

At Chrysalis, our core special educational programme builds around a holistic special education framework and the schemes of work that are engaging and stimulating.

We aim to support students with dyslexia and those at-risk to overcome their challenges in reading, writing and spelling. Fundamentally, we also work to increase their self-confidence   and to improve on their working memory processes.

We adopt multi-sensory approach to activate the learning process.

Individual and small group classes are available

We support schools by providing best practice recommendations. The recommendations are made after screening and diagnostic tests are conducted to ascertain the level of support the child needs.

Class and home visits and communication between all stakeholders are essential to forge partnership between Chrysalis, the school the child is attending and the family.

Occupational Therapy

Children with hyperactivity, attention and memory, sensory integration issues, handwriting difficulties, poor in self-help skills, low muscle tone and perception skills will benefit from this therapy.

This therapy helps children to develop their motor skills, to address any sensory issues they may have and to develop core and foundational learning blocks. Once these foundational learning blocks are established from bottom-up, the child is more prepared and shows readiness towards academic and intellectual learning.

Speech & Social Skills Training

Children who have speech & language delay and/or difficulties would benefit from this therapy.

We help to build language and social skills, through individual and/or group class setting.

Behaviour Management

For those with challenging behaviors, we partner the parents in providing behavior management programme in both the school and at home.

Positive behavior, imitational skill, appropriate play skills, eye contact and engagement are essential in developing positive behavior in children.

Courses/Workshops for Parents/Teachers

We provide physical workshops and online training for parents, caregivers, teachers and other professionals on various topics, such as Understanding Autism, Raising Self-Esteem in My Child, Overcoming Sensory Issues, Toilet-Training for Young Children, Building Working Memory, many more. We aim to empower and support parents and teachers through these workshops and hence, together we can help to create more positive experiences and success with and for our children.

We partner with Global SEN AcademyTM in bringing professional online courses and physical workshops that support special and inclusive education for students with special educational needs (SEN).

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