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6 years 4 months old

ASD, EIP group class

Nath has improved a lot in terms of her listening, social and living skills. Her academic also improved since she joined Chrysalis 9 months ago.

She begins to understand about friendship and will cheer along with her peers in school as compare with her previous school. She used to be much into herself or isolated as she is a quiet girl and not proactive in communicate with her peers.

Additionally, I feel the teachers in this centre are dedicated and patient with the kids. Parents are always being informed and updated on the happenings in the school. The communication between parents and teachers is much easier and actively communicated via chatgroup. This helps us as parents so that we keep abreast of the child’s progress and we can move in the same direction with to school as we parents practise with our children on certain areas that need further improvement.


8 years old

GDD, EIP group class

My boy, Kelvan, joined Chrysalis Puchong since January 2019 when my friend introduced it to me.

At the beginning, Kelvan did not know anything and has no knowledge on alphabet, number skills, writing skills and has speech delayed.

The fastest improvement I noticed is the handwriting skill he has developed just after 2 months since he joined the school.

 He now has the strength and skill to hold and write with pencil. I am so surprised and happy that he can even say few words too. Before this, he can’t speak well in single word and we can’t seem to understand what he was trying to speak. Now we could understand him when he talks. He also learn and is able to recognise alphabet.
During MCO, he also enjoyed the online class. He was happy to see his classmates during these online classes. He was willing to do homework at home with my guidance.
I really appreciate his teacher who has put so much effort on my boy. I feel lucky that I could Chrysalis as the suitable school for my child.


7 years old

Asperger, Homeschool class
– Grade 1

Our son, Dhani has been attending Chrysalis Seremban since June 2019 and we can honestly say he looks forward to attend school every day.

He previously attended different schools in a matter of four months from Sekolah Kebangsaan, a different special needs centre in Seremban and a private school,

But due to his special behavior and unsuitable program catered for him that affect him and us emotionally, hence we decided to find him a new centre which can help him to discover his potential and to address his behavioural issue. That is when we came across Chrysalis.

It was the best decision we have made thus far and most importantly, Dhani has shown a major improvement in managing his tantrum and is now showing his capabilities.
Smaller class size and the homeschool program have made all the difference in the world for his development. He still has some temper tantrum but it is more manageable compared to last time. The teachers have always been very open in giving and receiving feedback. There were even online classes set up during MCO, which Dhani was very eager to join.
Dhani is still learning and growing immensely both academically and socially.


2 years 6 months old

GDD, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

Our precious Rania is diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay (GDD).
We started to send her for Occupational Therapy session with Chrysalis in October 2019. At that time, she was only 1 year 6 months old and she can barely walk. She would prefer crawling most of the time.
After few therapy sessions, as a parent, I can see that she has improved a lot. One to one therapy classes really help her to improve both her gross and fine motor skills.

Now, after 9 months of intervention, she can walk freely without assistance! She can recognize  and understand things pretty well.
Recently she has started to call ‘ibu and ayah’ clearly. We are also looking forward to join speech therapy to improve on her speech and communication.
To conclude, this therapy session has helped her a lot. Thanks Chrysalis!


8 years old
after-school Dyslexia Remedial Class

My daughter was 7 years old when she first joined Chrysalis Seremban in 2019.
She has difficulty in reading and spelling, and shows symptoms of dyslexia. When she was in Standard 1 last year, she struggled to cope with school work and often avoid school work and less motivated in learning.
As a parent, I notice a lot of improvements after sending her to Chrysalis. She is more motivated to study now and shows more confidence in school.

Now she can write much faster with less spelling mistakes. Her reading skill has improved as well.
The teachers at Chrysalis are nice, friendly and fun-loving, as a result, my daughter really enjoys going to the class. This is the only learning centre that my duaghter is looking forward to go.
Chrysalis is more than a place to study, as the centre organises fun and engaging activities like cooking class and short trips.
Overall I would highly recommend Chrysalis.


12 years old

GDD with epilepsy

– Grade 1 class

We are pleased to see our daughter’s improvement since we start sending her to Chrysalis in 2012, when she was just 4 years old back then. She underwent Early Intervention Program, from one to one session, to EIP group class, to Special Education program and now she is with Homeschool Program which has more academic subjects.

I think it is a very good progression for her and we are happy that she makes such good progression, despite her having seizures from time to time. She is now able to read, write, recognize numbers and calculation, drawing and most importantly she is able to talk and converse.

Developmentally, she is still behind her peers and seems that she is bit slower in learning as the seizure affects her thinking process and memory skills, however, we are happy that she is making good progress at her own pace and shows motivation and happiness to study.
We trust that Chrysalis’ teachers are able to help her to close the gap as much as possible and to help her keep progressing. Periodic review and progress reporting with parents also help us to understand the class my child is undergoing and to know her progress from time to time.


8 years old



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